How To Remove Flea And Ticks From Your Lawn

Removing Flea And Tricks From Your Lawn 


Ticks and fleas are a health hazard. Unfortunately, they hide in lawns waiting for their opportunity to jump on your pets or clothes. Getting rid of them is not easy, but it is possible.

For example, you can start by mowing your lawn as soon as possible. Do not make it too short so that it looks presentable. Moreover, short grass attracts ants and spiders.

These insects feed on these parasites when they get the chance to do so. Here are some other strategies on how to remove flea and ticks from your lawn

Limit the number of animals that visit your lawn

Squirrels, raccoons, and deer are familiar sights on many yards depending on where you live. Do not encourage them to stay on your property. Remember, ticks and fleas feed on these animals as well.
That means they may drop some of these parasites on your compound. Alternatively, you can rid your lawn of ticks and fleas only for these animals to reintroduce them on your property. Chase these wildlife creatures away as soon as you see them and build fences that will keep them away.

Keep Everything Away From The Lawn 

Ticks and fleas hide in tall grass and pieces of junk. These areas provide them with sufficient cover from the heat of the sun in addition to moist environments where they can grow and thrive. A local landscaper will show you how you can personally get rid of these flea and ticks here.
Pieces of debris that facilitate the spread of ticks and fleas on your lawn include bricks, piles of lumber, and stones. Moreover, discarded pots and garden tools are an excellent hiding spot for these parasites.

Take Care Of Your Pets As They Usually Catch Flea & Ticks 

Pets bring these parasites to the lawn, or they take them from there. That means you have to take care of your pets if you want to deal with fleas and ticks holistically.
You can start by using specialized shampoos on your pets or dipping them in tick and flea dips. Then you can check the lawn area where your pet prefers to sit. Look for any signs of ticks or fleas in this area. Treat any areas that appear cool and moist. Finally, clean your pet’s home as well. Or you can hire a landscaping company to complete the removal process for your.

Buying Real Estate In A Competitive Market

Purchasing Real Estate In A Competitive Market 

When purchasing real estate in a  competitive market, make sure that your real estate agent and broker has a good relationship with other agents and brokers. This is crucial to note because the listing agent ultimately has the say.

If you’re working with a real estate agent who has bad relationships throughout your town or state, you’re going to find it much more difficult to see or purchase a new home.

Say in this scenario, you want to purchase a specific home. You reach out to your realtor and the realtor reaches out to the home owner. The home owner has heard nothing good about the agent you want to use. The home owner now refuses your offer simply because of your agents information.

How You Should Get Started With A Real Estate Agent 

So how exactly should you get started in this process? Make sure you work with a reputable realtor. We recommend searching popular places like Google to find trusted and verified real estate agents. You can see an example of a trusted agent by clicking here

There are plenty out there for you to look for. Most real estate agents have past clients that they may be able to refer to you. In this case, you can get a feel of what someone actually experienced with them. This is the best case scenario because it gives you a chance to actually see what your realtor is up to.

In Conclusion – Purchasing Real Estate In Competitive Market 

At the end of the day, you will find a realtor that holds up to your expectations. It just takes time when you’re doing this search.

Always start your search with the end goal in mind. The end goal should be to find a reputable real estate broker that you can trust to get the job done. You can always start your search by looking at or a similar resource.


How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen In 2018

Kitchen Remodeling Costs In 2018 

So you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen but don’t know exactly where to get started? There are so many different kitchen remodeling  contractors out there, but how can you choose the right contractor for kitchen remodeling?

The answer is simple, check your sources when remodeling a kitchen. Most good contractors will have a high reputation with accreditations to prove it. In a sense, most kitchen remodeling costs vary on your contractor and if they use in house staff to work on your kitchen.

How Much You Can Expect To Pay For A Kitchen Remodeling 

According to Home Advisor, most kitchen remodeling cost anywhere between $8,000 – $20,000. This obviously has a lot to do with your:

  • Size of the kitchen
  • Materials used in the kitchen
  • Plumbing, Heating, And air flow
  • The kitchen cabinets that you use

Always make sure you add everything into your kitchen remodeling budget. The reason is, most people generally don’t think about paying for common things like Plumbing.

When You Should Remodel Your Kitchen 

It’s never a bad time to remodel your kitchen, but most people do it in the summer. Kitchen remodeling takes weeks if not months to get done, but if you do it in the summer it tends to get done faster.

The reason being is that you may not be busy ding the summer time so you can help the kitchen remodeling contractors with a few things like picking up supplies they need, helping them with tables, ladders, chairs.

These are all little things that will make your experience with kitchen remodeling a lot faster.

In Conclusion 

When going about your kitchen remodeling job, start by hiring a professional kitchen remodeling contractor. When you do this, you save not only time, but money and resources.

You can always contact Sun Flower Games to get a list of the best kitchen remodeling contractors that we recommend.

3 Easy Steps To Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

3 Steps To Take Before Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing 

At any home, you want nice cabinets. It’s because it looks clean and it is impressive to see when your neighbors come and visit. So exactly what are some steps you can take when going about your kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Whether you’re hiring someone to install them for you or your doing them yourself, here are some quick tips to help you get started

1. Look For A Reputable Cabinet Refinishing Contractor 

This has to be the most obvious choice of them all. If you can afford it, have someone else do it. There are many kitchen cabinet contractors like that can easily get it done without any hassle.

Generally, contractors are a little more expensive than you doing it yourself but you will save on the following:

  • Time
  • Resources
  • Experience
  • Frustration

You simply cannot be superman when it comes to your home. There are plenty of other people who specialize in something like a kitchen remodel.

2. Start Doing Some Research Of Your Home Style 

There are many different types of homes. Home like, colonials, raised ranch, custom, etc. So it’s incredibly important to understand your type of home before you go in and make any changes to your cabinets.

3. What Types Of Materials Are You Going To Use? 

Now that you understand your home style a little more, what types of materials are you going to use for your kitchen cabinets. It’s popular that people will use the bottom of the barrel material but this is not right.

When refinishing your cabinets, start by sanding down your current cabinet to take away it’s current paint job. As you will be adding more paint and context to your cabinets, strip it down.

Look at popular websites like:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Walmart


Start by choosing the right cabinet refinishing contractor before doing anything. When you do this, you will be able to take your hands off of the work load.

As always, contact Sun Flower Games for a list of our recommended cabinet refinishing contractors.

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